Before You Quit Your Job

So you wanna quit your job and live the lifestyle that most people dream of, right?  Well unfortunately, you’re gonna have to keep a job for a little while longer.  Why?  Let me explain.

If you’re making the same amount of money you’re making with your online business as you do with your job, you’ll continue to struggle with bills, the rent/mortgage, credit card bills and loans, and other monthly expenses.  Your job and online business should combine forces to help you pay off debts so you’ll have more cash flow.

Your online business should be making so much money that your debts and loans you currently have are not even an issue to pay.  You could pay your bills early if you wanted to.  You could pay off all your debts in a few years (not including your mortgage).  You want your online business to upgrade your lifestyle, not keep you in the status quo, but now you have more time on your hands.  Here’s what you can do:

Start paying off debts aggressively.  When you pay off your debts, it frees up your cash flow so you’ll have more money each month.  More money each month, less struggle once you quit your job.

Start saving about 6 months to 1 year of expenses.  If you have about 6 month’s to a year of expenses stashed away, that reduces the stress that comes with not having a consistent income the way you would if you worked at a job.  Your money may come after your bills are due.  To prevent a non-payment of a bill due to inconsistent income, you can pay your bills on time with no stress.

You want to make at least 3-5 times more than your income.  Why?

  1. You want to pay monthly bills and expenses with no stress.
  2. You want to have money to save or invest to grow your business and make it even stronger
  3. You want to enjoy the money you make.  Why make just enough to pay your bill?  You want to make more money so you can do the things you’ve always wanted to do but you never had the time or the money to make it happen.

Before you think about quitting your job, just hang in their for a little longer until you can finally say “I QUIT!” to your boss and never have to beg for your job back because your online business is making so much money that you will NEVER need another job again!

The most important part of your online business is a strong, loyal audience.  Wanna learn how to build one?

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