Creating The Lifestyle That People Only Dream Of

Drinking champagne on a yacht, buying Lambos every year, living in mansion.  This is the lifestyle that people can only dream of.  Well, it’s nice and all, but everybody wants this life:

  • Waking up whenever they want not having to punch in a time clock
  • They can live wherever they want and go wherever they want whenever they want without haven’t to take vacation days from their job or find another job.
  • Visiting family for months instead of only taking a few days off from work or going out there for the weekend.
  • Spending time with your children, watching them grow-up instead of having to work two jobs and barely having time to tuck them in at night.
  • Being paid for doing what you love, spending time with people you love, and only working a few hours a day so you can have more time doing activities that you love to do.

This is a lifestyle that most people dream of.  They don’t want a Lambo if they have to drive it to their office at a job they hate.  They don’t want champagne on a yacht if they don’t drink or get seasick.  A mansion is nice, but the upkeep may not be worth it.  Most people want to have more time doing what they love and being around people they love.

People want to make money before they even get out of bed.  They want the satisfaction that they’re changing people’s lives with either information or some form of entertainment.  They don’t want to brush the snow off of their car, drive in traffic, just to be at a place that pays them 10 times less than what their worth working twice as long than what they really want to work.

It’s time to live the lifestyle that people only dream of.  While you’re sleeping, getting your recommended 8-hours of sleep (or more), your friends and former co-workers are on no sleep because they partied the night before and have to go into work in the morning.  While you’re picking your kids up from school, about to take them for ice cream, your friends have to get their babysitter to do that for them because they get out of work an hour after their kids get out of school.  While your friends are getting paychecks for the work they did for the week, you’re getting recurring income from multiple sources from work you did last year.

It’s very important that you unlearn what it means to make money.

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