Get Rid Of The “Employee Mentality” When It Comes To Your Business

There are people who are still holding on to the employee mentality, even though they have an online business.  There are a few things you need to let go as far as your mentality towards making money goes.  On the flip side, there are a few things that you need to adopt in order to succeed and keep succeeding in your online business.

You Get Paid For Results, Not Your Time And Effort

When you work at a job, you put in the time, you get paid.  With a business, no matter how much time you put in, no matter how much effort you give to make money, you won’t make money until you can give people what they want and what they need.  The best part about this is the smarter you get, you can get paid, giving the best results, and it’ll feel effortless.

No One Owes You Anything

When you have an employee mentality, after being at the job for X amount of years, you expect to get promoted or get a raise.  Most companies give you a raise every year or so just for putting in the time.  Unfortunately, a lot of those raises are only by a few cents per hour.  When you have a business, if you want to get a raise, all you need to do is create something or promote something and get more people to buy it.  The beauty of an online business is it has the potential to make money while you sleep.  You can promote a product or create a product that pays you each month, like a subscription.  That means the more people you get on that subscription or membership, the more money you make each month automatically.

A Job Is Already Established, A Business Must Be Built

When you put in your app for a job, you get hired and you are ready to make money because that business is paying you to do a job that needs to be done.  When you want to make money with a business, it has to be built first.  That means you have to attract customers, you have to get an audience, you have to create products or promote products, you have to create free content to attract the audience and customers, etc.  You may be doing all this by yourself because you don’t have the budget to outsource (hire someone).  When you’re not making money, or may be losing money, this is the cost of building a business.

When The Business Is Built, And Established, Things Get Fun And Become Easier

When your audience has grown to the hundred thousands, you have 12 different income sources paying you consistently on a daily or monthly basis, etc, life gets easier.  Yes you may still need to put in time and work to maintain your success, but if you don’t want to do a job, you can now outsource it.  Instead of working overtime, you attract more customers and they make you more money.  You won’t get to this level unless you build the business and set yourself up for success first.

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