Get Your Failures Out Of The Way Early

In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, the author was talking about the time he work at Xerox and how badly he was struggling to make sales for quite some time.  He called up his “Rich Dad”, his friend’s father who was teaching him about business and money over the years, and asked him for guidance.  His Rich Dad told him instead of quitting, he needed to “Fail Faster”.  This lead him to getting another sales job, but this one was over the phone (his Xerox job was him pretty much going door-to-door to sell Xerox machines).  By him having a sales job over the phone this meant he was taking more rejection at a much rapid rate.  If he was getting rejected a few dozen times a day with Xerox, with sales over the phone, he was getting rejected hundreds of times in one night.  This was to get him tougher for rejection and getting him out of his shell.

Being that Robert Kiyosaki was failing and getting rejected at a rapid rate, this actually lead him to becoming the top seller at Xerox.  Once he reached this level, he quit his job and went into building his own business.

Why am I bring up this story?  Because with an online business, you’re going to fail.  You may go months without making one sale.  You may flip flop between niches and get distracted by doing other activities instead of building your blog.  You may even think of giving up.  My advice to you is to get all that failure out of your system, but keep working on your online business.  You’re going to accumulate a lot of content and links all over the Internet that after a while you’re going to get traffic from all over the place.  You’re going to get email opt-ins at a higher rate.  You’re going to make your first sale.  Then you’ll start making sales at a higher rate.

When you “fail faster” and get it out of the way as early as possible, you may be able to quit your job within the first year or two of your online business.  Let’s make it happen.

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