Getting Exposure–Paid Traffic Vs. Free Traffic

“Traffic Is The Life’s Blood Of Your Online Business”



This quote is so true.  Without traffic, no one will visit your site.  If no one visits your site, no one will join your mailing list or buy from you.  This is the reason why you want to focus on building an audience because the audience is your life’s blood.  They’re going to be the ones who buy your products.  They’re going to be the ones supporting your work to keep you afloat as a business.

There are two main ways to get traffic–paid traffic and free traffic.  There are pros and cons for both traffic sources, because they will eat up your resources if you don’t manage them properly.  If you send paid traffic, and you don’t get any sales, you will lose a lot of money.  If you use free traffic methods, it will take a long time to generate the traffic you need to make a consistent income with your business.

Whatever method you use, you want to build a mailing list to keep the visitor coming back to your site to get an opportunity to have your product offered to them.  To get free goodies just for support you and your work.  You could have a few visitors a day, but if you convert a handful of visitors a day, that list will grow in due time.  When the list grows, so does the potential to make a lot of money.  It’s very important you focus on the audience-attraction phase.  Let’s say your video channel gets shut down.  If you have an audience, you can update them where to find you via email.  If they’re following you on social media, you can send a status update and they’ll be able to visit your latest posts and projects.

Traffic generation is the biggest challenge for you as an online business owner.  No matter what traffic source you use, make sure you maximize your resources by trying to capture an audience instead of make a quick buck.  When you have an audience, you have a business.

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