How Fast Can You Create 365 High-Quality Blog Posts?

This is more of a challenge.  A challenge to get you writing more content.  How fast can you create 365 posts on your blog?  Not just any posts, but high-quality posts that get people reading your blog and getting consumed in the content?

A tip I would use is to write about 2-3 posts a day.  Try to get in the habit of doing that as long as possible.  You may get tired of creating that much content in one day and may do one post a day.  You may get a rush of ideas and write 5-7 posts a day for a few days.  You may have nothing to do because you have a day off.  You may write 10-12 posts a day for a little bit.

If you create content like this, you’ll notice that keeping a daily posting schedule will be so much easier.  When you get burned out for creating content, you may only be able to write one post a day for a little while.  Then when you get a rush of ideas again, you may write 2-3 posts again.

Think of blogging as working out.  When you can push out more content quickly without sacrificing quality, on the days you don’t feel like posting, doing one post will almost feel like you’ve failed.  The best part about that is the reader will always have something new to read everyday.