How Selling Affects Your Intelligence

When you work on a hourly basis, your mind is pretty much doing the same work day in and day out and getting paid a set amount if you work your normal hours or if you work overtime.  When you’re in sales, you could work overtime and not see a single dime.  This is why people don’t pursue a sales job or get into sales as their business.  The problem with being paid for your time is you are not making the most money.  We’re gonna dive into why sales makes you a smarter person.

If you work for 40 hours at $10.00 an hour, you get paid for that time.  For the person doing sales, they may work 50 hours and not see a single dime.  If you can imagine a split screen of these two people working each day and how things will look in a few years.  Let’s include the wage earner getting a raise every now and then.

The wage earner is sailing on easy street.  They can talk all day, avoid doing the most work and get paid a certain amount of money.  They do overtime and they get paid time and a half. They get a dollar raise and their income shoots up.  So if they are making $3,000 a month, they are enjoying that money.  After a while the wage earner gets bored or starts hating their job.  They suffer each day just to enjoy a lifestyle they created.

The salesperson is struggling those first few months.  It's an uphill battle to get people to visit their site and buy a product.  The salesperson, out of frustration, takes a course that cost $1,000.  So the salesperson is actually losing money instead of gaining money.  The salesperson builds an audience and promotes products that makes a residual income.  They don't work for money, they work to build a bigger audience.  After a year, they get 200,000 people in their mailing list.  They promote a product that pays them $100 a month for each person who stays on the program.  They get 1% of their mailing list to join the program (2,000 people).  So each month, they're making $200,000 as long as the people stay on the program.  Well, being that this person has taught his audience how to make money and use residual income as a way to make money (and the program is really good), each person on that program stays on the program at a really high rate.

When you ask the wage earner how he feels about his job, he has a look of frustration.  He feels his talents aren't being used to their fullest.  If you ask the person who's into sales, he is excited because as he's speaking to you, his sites and mailing list is making him sales without him doing anything extra.

This may sound like a fairy-tale, but when you get into sales, you have most of your frustration in the beginning of the process.  This learning curve is hard to get over and that's why a lot of people either quit or don't get into sales in the first place.  When you start a new job, you are excited because it may be better than your last job and it may pay more.  But as time goes on, you dread the job you work and you love doing sales because with sales, the smarter you become, the more money you make.  The less work you have to do.  The more time you have to spend with your loved ones.  Let's make sales a part of your reality.

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