How To Create A Successful Blog Site That Generates More Money In One Year

In order for this to work, you have to work.  You have to form a habit that will not be broken.  If you lack motivation because you’re not seeing results in a few months just remember that it’s a 12-month run.  So at the end of month twelve, you may exceed your expectations.  It’s time to change your mentality when it comes to making money with your blog.

First Things First–Get In The Habit Of Creating A List Of Titles

The biggest problem for a blogger is having nothing to write about.  To prevent this from happening, get in the habit of writing a list of titles that you want to blog about.  These titles should not be generic like “How To Write a Blog”, but more like “How To Write A Blog That Can Generate A Monthly Income”.  You want your titles to have “pop” when people see them.  You want your titles to draw people in so they can start clicking your links wherever they may be.  If you use your phone’s notepad, anytime you have an idea, type it in on your phone’s notepad.  Have each title listed with a checkbox so each time you use that title, it can be checked off to keep track of each title you’ve used.  Try to come up with at least 400-500 titles over time.

Wake Up Earlier Each Day

A big problem people have is not having enough time in a day.  We all have 24 hours in a day, but most of us don’t wake up early enough to utilize those hours.  If you have a job and you work 8 hours a day, wake up 2 hours before you have to leave for work.  If you have more than one job it may be a little tough  but you’ll notice that when you wake up in the wee hours of the morning, there’s really nothing distracting you and it’s the perfect time to write.  So if you work at 9am and you leave the house around 8am, wake up at 6am.  By getting in this habit, you’ll realize you’re getting work done before you even start your day.  Trust and believe this will increase your productivity like never before if you stick with this habit.

Get In The Habit Of Writing

The only way your blog is going to succeed is if you start writing.  Don’t worry about being a world class writer, just focus on being a better communicator to the people reading your content. You want your blogs to be informative, yet entertaining.  You want to keep the reader’s interest to the point that they can actually read a 500-1000 word post and take the action you tell them to take in the end.  You want your content to be very easy to read without insulting the intelligence of your reader.  So that means a nine-year-old may be able to understand it, yet the person with a PH.D will appreciate how well-written your content is.

During Dead Times Of The Day, Plan Your Next Blog Post

When you plan your next blog post, you’ll be better prepared and each post can be written in half the time.  You may have a 1500 word blog post that takes about 2 hours to write.  If you plan it out ahead of time, you can cut that time in half (if you’re able to type at a decent speed).  When each post is well-planned and prepared, you’ll notice your writing quality start to increase over time.  The more high-quality post you put out, the more engaged people get whenever they read your post.

Write Your Post To Build An Audience

It’s funny how when it comes to making money with a blog site, money should be the last thing on your mind.  Instead, you want to set up a smooth transition for the people who visit your site to go from visitors, to subscribers/followers, to buyers.  No matter what method you use, you want to have the power to update your audience of when you’re going to have a new post or new product.  Even though you are not focusing on the money, the option of making money is still available to you.  Just make sure whatever you promote it is only to serve the purpose of your audience, and at the same time, put as much money in your bank account as possible

Let’s say you have a list of 30,000 email subscribers.  You have a product promotion you want to send them via email.  You are able to get only one percent of your list to buy your product.  That product costs $150.  You’ve just made $45,000 off of a small portion of the people on your list.  The more value you give our audience, the higher that conversion rate goes up.

Share Your Blog With Anyone Who Is Interested

Target your audience to increase your chances of getting the most people to read your stuff and actually take action.  If you have a finance blog and you’re targeting people who want to get their finances in order, don’t you think you’ll be getting more followers and opt-ins at a higher rate than just sharing your post with random people?  If it’s by paid methods or free methods, you want your content to get to the people who will benefit from it most.

Never SPAM

Spamming ruins your brand and it only makes people ignore whatever it is you’re putting out.

Stay Consistent

The more consistent you are with your blogging, the more momentum you start to build.  If your traffic is coming in slowly, but you’re getting at least 2 email opt-ins a day, you’ll notice that your opt-ins will increase as soon as your traffic increases.  The more you post, (or share what posts you have) the more traffic you’ll start getting.  If you can’t do one post a day, create one post a week, but maximize that one post by sharing it with as many people as possible it will benefit.  You may want to use paid ads for each post per week.  If you post one post a day, you’ll notice that you’re building up a ton of content for your visitors to engage with.  The longer your visitors are on your site, the more likely they’ll either follow you on social media, engage with a post (comment, share, etc), or buy a product you’re promoting.  Whatever method you use, you want to be consistent.

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