How To Stay Focused When Your Online Business Isn’t Making Any Money

For most, a business means money flowing like a fire hose directly into your bank account.  This is far from the truth.  You see, a business must first be established.  This means, initially, no one knows about that business, so there must be a lot of promotion, blood, sweat, and tear before that business turns a profit.  So if you’ve been working on your online business for a few months, and still not making any money, don’t worry… this is normal.

Focus On The Things You Can Control

A mistake a lot of people make is focusing on things that are out of their control.  You can’t force anyone to buy your product.  You can’t make someone visit your website.  You can, however, focus on things that you do have control over.  Do minor tweaks on your site to increase conversions.  Create content that may get your visitors engaged and staying on your site.   When you focus on the things you can control, you’ll be surprised how much momentum you start to build.  More traffic starts to come in.  Being that you’re focusing on the quality of your site and the content on that site, you give people an incentive to visit the site more often

Work On Better Call-To-Action Techniques

Should you use a button or should you use a link?  Should you use video or should you use text?  The call-to-action is very important because it determines what actions you want your visitors to take.  This could mean going from a visitor to a subscriber/follower.  It could mean going from a visitor to a customer.  Your call-to-action determines how many followers you get, how many email subs you get, how many comments people leave on your site, and most of all, how much money you ultimately make.  Your content should make an easy transition into your call-to-action to make things flow smoother and gives you a better chance at a higher conversion rate.

Be Patient

Sometimes a little patience goes a long way.  It’s like watching a pot of water trying to boil.  If you wait long enough, the water will reach a certain temperature level and then the water starts to boil.  If you put out the content, focus on improving the site, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see momentum.  While you’re working on your site, you may notice a spike in traffic.  You see the posts/pages they’re visiting.  It’s a post you did a few months back.  The traffic is coming from the search engines.  Sometimes you get a spike in traffic when you least expect it.

Don’t Focus On The Money, Focus On Building An Audience

Without an strong audience, your online business will struggle and suffer.  When you have regular people visiting your site, and sharing your posts on social media, you start to see your online business start to gain an organic growth.  That means people subscribing, following, and buying without paid advertisement.  Let’s build you that audience that’s going to grow your internet business.  Click the link below to get access now…

Build A Loyal Audience And Following