How To Write More Content In A Day

When you first start out blogging, you want to create content as quickly as possible to give you a little boost when people visit your blog.  If you only have a few post, people will read a few and leave.  The more content you have, the more likely people will stay on your site and keep reading.  When you create more content early, you’ll notice your blog getting more traffic earlier on once you share it and do what you need to do to bring people back to your site.  If you don’t have the stamina to bang out multiple articles or blog posts in a day to give you the early boost you need, here’s a few tips that may help.

Write Shorter Posts

If each of your post are about 2,000 words long, you may get burned out.  If you keep your posts shorter, but very content-rich and to-the-point, people may still stay longer.  Think of the person who wakes up and reads your blog before work.  They could read a few post that are only about 500-700 words long before they head out the door.  Sometimes you want to consume content before you have to get ready for work.  If the post are too long, they may wait later on in the day.  The earlier they’re reading, the more traffic you get throughout the day.

Learn How To Type Faster

Some of you  are not the fastest typist, so you may want to learn how to increase the speed of your keystrokes.  The link below is a program that teaches you how to type if you’re a beginner or if you want to improve your typing speed if you already know how to type.  The faster you type, the more posts you can bang out in a day.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by UltraKey v2 for Windows PC- Personal Edition [Download]

Plan Your Content The Day Before

When you already know what to write, along with a fast typing speed, you’ll notice that you’re posting 3 or more posts a day without even getting burned out.  The reason why people can’t write more than one post a day is because they start to get burned out.  They have to think about what to write.  They have to write the post.  They run out of ideas and have to think of more.  When you already know what you want to write, it becomes easier.


You can speak faster than you can write or type.  If you are using a talk-to-text program to create your content, you can push out more content at a much higher rate than just typing it.  Just make sure you proofread your work.  The program can still type errors because not all words you say translate properly with these programs.

Don’t Forget Your List Of Titles

When you get writer’s block, it’s not easy to come up with something to write on the fly.  When you have a list of titles and topics you want to talk about, it makes writing much easier because all you have to do is go through your list and ideas will come to you much easier.

Remember that content is what people want when they visit your site.  If you can push out as much quality content as quickly as possible, once you start getting traffic, you’ll notice more people staying on your site and also joining your mailing list.  It’s very important that you do this earlier on so your visitors can always have something to read, even if you didn’t write a post that day.

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