Video Module #1--Capturing The Hearts Of Your Audience

In This Video, You're Gonna Learn The Basis Of Every Successful Marketing Campaign.  Watch The Video Below....

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Things You'll Need To Give Your Online Business A Running Start +

Things You'll Need To Give Your Online Business A Running Start-

Domain Name & Hosting

If you want to establish yourself as an authority or a legitimate business, you want to make sure you have your own domain name and hosting.  When you have send people to your website, "" looks better than "  I get my domain name and hosting from Godaddy, but Hostgator is a very popular hosting site as well.  There are many but these are the two most popular.


Once you buy your domain name and hosting, you will install WordPress to your domain.  WordPress allows you to use plugins to enhance the user's experience on your site.


Filezilla allows direct access to access to the files on your web host.  If you have complications uploading certain files, you can use Filezilla to do so.


The landing page you were sent to to opt-in to this video series, the thank you page that gave you directions on how to confirm your subscription, and this page right here were created using Optimizepress.  This program is going to help increase the conversion rate of your leads and sales.  Give your website the biggest advantage by adding this program to your wordpress site as either a plugin in or a wordpress theme.


The autoresponder is the core of your online business.  The autoresponder allows you to send emails automatically to your mailing list once they opt-in and confirm their subscription.  I use Mailchimp (it's free until your reach a 2,000 subscriber threshold.  After that, depending on the size of your list, you will pay a monthly payment.)

Camstudio (Apowersoft Mac for Mac Users)

This is a screen recording software you can use to create web tutorials or step-by-step video training recording your screen.


This free program can be used if you want to create a podcast or MP3 files as a product.  Invest in a good microphone to create crisp, high quality MP3 files to offer your audience.

Open Office

This is the alternative to Microsfot word.  It's free and can be used to create eBooks in PDF format.  eBooks make good free and paid products.


This is how you're going to get paid.  Create an Express Checkout account to add "Buy Now" buttons on your web pages to start accepting payment for the products you create.  You only pay each time you make a sale (about 3% + $0.30 of the price)


With these basic things listed above, you can start building your audience and start generating sales.  Once everything is set up, things start to get exciting once you see your list grow and the sales start to come in.

Actions To Take +

Actions To Take-

First and foremost, make sure you get Optimizepress to increase your conversion rate potential with your landing and sales pages you send your visitors to .  If you like the pages you were sent to, I did nothing special except got Optimizepress and created my own pages on my site.  This page you're on right now was created using Optimizepress.  Create your landing page, thank you page, sales page, etc. to get your visitors in the sales funnel process.  Link your autoresponder with Optimizepress by watching the video on your Optimizepress member's area.  This is how you're gonna use their opt-in forms instead of the opt-in forms created by your autoresponder, but you'll still get leads going to your autoresponder.

Landing Page This is the page you're gonna send your visitors to to join your mailing list. For best results, with your Optimizepress landing page, create a fakeout video that will only allow the visitor to see the video once they join your mailing list.  Make the headline compelling enough an your opt-in rate will increase greatly.  Once they enter their email address and hit the submit button, take them to the thank you page. Thank You Page You want to thank your visitors for joining your mailing list and give instructions on how to  confirm their subscription if they have to double opt-in (this just makes sure a human opted in instead of a bot). Make sure you tell them to check their junk or spam folder just in case they don't see it in their inbox.  After that tell them to white list your email address so whatever emails you send them will go to their inbox. On the thank you page, you can offer them a product as an upsell.  If they buy, you made money, which is good.  If it's a product you created, make sure you put them on a separate mailing list (this will be considered your buyer's list for that specific product) once they're made their purchase.  Paypal allows you to create a success page once they've made their purchase.  The page you will send them will have the opt in form telling them that they have to opt-in to this form in order to get access to their product.  Being that they made a purchase, this is a guarantee opt-in or they won't get access to their product.  You can start sending the people on this list relevant products that is similar to the one they've purchased to get on that specific list.  Let's say your product is about getting a lot of twitter followers, you can send them another product on how to get a lot of Facebook fans that convert into leads and sales.  Something in the same lines of what they've purchased previously.  This will increase conversion rates if they have both facebook and twitter (which a lot of people do).

Free Offer Page Everyone won't buy your upsell offer, but you still have an obligation you have to fulfill to the people who opted into your mailing list.  Once they've followed the directions on the thank you page and confirmed their email address, you can send them to the free offer page.  This can be a download page or it can be a page where they view your content.  In this page, you can also upsell a product to them.  If it's a series of free offer pages (like a free video series) you can keep bringing up the benefits of buying that specific product.  Be convincing without being to salesy.  People like being sold on a product that can change their lives or make their lives easier than just buying something because it will put money into your pockets.  If you convince them with honesty and show them you genuinely care, you'll get sales come in.  After the free offer has been delivered (or the video series has ended), wait about 2-3 days before you send your next email.  This email will have the product you were promoting in your free offer, but his time, it will have the full benefits which will be even more convincing.

Sales Page In your free offer, you are informing them about why they should get it very lightly.  On your sales page, you are going to convince them on a whole other level that will appeal to them on an emotional and logical level.  I'll get more into that in the next video.  You want to do whatever you can that will get that lead into a customer.  This can mean real testimonials in video with the testimonial coming straight from the customer's mouth (this converts better than a quote that someone may or may not have said).  This can mean a demonstration of why the person should buy.  Demonstration is highly effective because it's showing immediate proof before any money is exchanged.  Make sure you're honest and won't make any promises that you can't deliver.

Product Creating a product is not as hard as it may sound.  The thing is you want to play on your strengths to increase conversions.  If you're a good speaker, create videos or MP3 files.  If you're a good writer, create eBooks.  If you're creating a screen recorded video, like the one above, make sure you include images to improve the value of the video.  If you're doing a step-by-step video on screen.  Make sure you work at a moderate speed so the customer won't miss any little detail.  You them to get the same results you get on screen.

If you don't want to create your own product, you can be an affiliate.  You can get a commission by selling someone else's product.  When you sell affiliate products, make sure you only promote products you know will work.  This may mean you'll have to test it out yourself.  If the product is garbage, you won't build the trust you need to get future sales.