Video Module #2--Marketing Tactics That Get The Best Conversions

In This Video, You're Gonna Learn The Basis Of Every Successful Marketing Campaign.  Watch The Video Below....

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How To Increase Conversions +


When you give away life changing content, but leave your audience in suspense, they're gonna have to take action to keep going.  Teasing triggers something in people that make them take action quicker.  The more attractive the offer, the more conversions you'll get.  This is why I stress giving your audience nothing but the best.

Solving One Problem For Free, Presenting A Solution For Another Problem With A Price tag Attached

Once you've established yourself as a problem-solver for free, your audience will trust you to solve another problem they may have or may encounter in the future.  This is an old marketer's trick that works so really well.  It works because the person feel more emotionally connected to you in a way.  They feel like you are the answer to their problems, just by solving that one problem that may have been bothering them in the past.


If you're good at making friends, this can translate into making more sales.  People like buying from people they like.  I'm not talking about selling to your friends and family just because they like and love you.  There so many products out there to choose from and the tie breaker is they like your personality and the fact that you are providing them with nothing but the best.  Don't underestimate the power of your personality.


This works so well that you have schools, car companies, etc. that make money without putting out a single ad.  This is why Harvard can get a tons of applications by just the reputation they have alone.  People are seeking them out.  This is why certain cars like the Lamborghini and the Porsche don't need a single slot on TV to sell their cars and make millions each year.  A Lambo or Porsche are considered status symbols.  If you have one, you must have a lot of money.  When you create a product that you want to charge thousands of dollars for, make sure your product is considered a status symbol.  This is good for memberships.  If you're a person is a member, that product can get a huge discount.  You make money on both ends.  You make money if the person just wants the product (they pay the full price).  If you convert them into a member to get the product, you can get paid on a monthly basis through your membership site, and also, you get paid for that high-priced product, even if it is at a discounted price.

Limited Time Only

There's an old saying, "Strike While The Iron Is Hot".  What this means is take advantage of an opportunity before that opportunity is no longer available.  When you have a product that you're only selling for a limited time only, this gets people in that mindset of "striking while the iron is hot".  If you have a product that you're only selling a limited amount or a limited time only, if the product is good, you'll see a ton of money come in in a short period of time.  You may make tens of thousands of dollars in a few days or in a few hours.  This works really well with webinars.  You can also give the product a discount for a limited time only as well.  People love sales and when there a sale present, no matter how much it is, people like to take advantage of the opportunity.  If it's a high quality product, you'll see the sales come in hot and heavy.  To make it have more of an impact, you want to keep your word of making it "Limited".  If the product stays low or you are still selling the product, this "Limited Time Only" deal won't have the same impact.  This doesn't mean you can't bring it back years later.  For the people who didn't get a chance to strike earlier, will do so when you bring it back in the future.

High Value, Low Price

If your product is worth $200, but you're selling it for $100, people will think, "That's a bargain!"  People are conditioned to shop for high valued items at a bargain.  Prestige will bring in a huge amount of money one time, but "high value, low price" will generate more sales.  If you have multiple products, you can make money either way.

These are some useful techniques you can use to generate more leads and sales.  Whatever you do, don't lower the value of your brand by spamming or looking desperate.  You are the content provider and people want YOU to solve their problems.  That means the power is in your hands!  Convince, don't beg.


The Successful Sales Funnel Process--Taking Your Audience On A Journey +

The Successful Sales Funnel Process--Taking Your Audience On A Journey-

People love a good story and a good journey. This is the reason why people love watching movies or reading books (or watch movied based off of books) about a journey or quest for something. Your sales funnel process is no different. The moment people land on your squeeze page, they have started their journey. In some cases, people have been on this journey way before landing on your squeeze page. Right now you are on a journey to make $7,500 a month online. Anyway, when you take your audience on a journey on your mailing list, the goal is to get people opening your emails and clicking your links. When they see emails from you, you want them to continue opening your emails and clicking your links way after you have given them your free offer. Let me show you how this works.

Let's say you are in the health and fitness niche. Your have a free video series on how to lose your belly fat for life. This is something the average person may struggle with and the idea is very attractive to men and women of all ages. This will attract a lot of women, being that women struggle with their weight after giving birth to their children. This will also attract a lot of men who want to sport their washboard abs on the beach when they take their shirts off. Let's say you have about 300 people join your mailing list in the first week. You're about to change 300 people's lives for the rest of their lives... for free. Just because you have a free video series doesn't mean you can upsell a product right after they opt-into your mailing list. If you don't get the sale at this point, don't worry about it, the lack of sales may just mean your audience wants to see if you can prove yourself first with your free video series. Anyway, you have a 5-day video series sent via email. It looks like this.

Video 1-The Habits That Burn Fat

Video 2-"You Mean I Don't Have To Starve Myself To Lose Weight?"

Video 3-More Powerful Than Dieting

Video 4-7 Daily Workouts You Can Do That Are Fun And You Can Do For Hours

Video 5-How To Lose Your Gut For Life

If you send one video per day, with a compelling subject line, your emails will get a high open rate, and people will click your link to your video. Make sure you create the whole video series in it's entirety before sending it out to your audience. We tend to get busy or not feel like creating a video on certain days so you don't want the series to be done as you go along. Remember that you're building that trust with these video series. Part of that trust is delivering great content consistently. Anyway, you may get feedback from your audience telling you how you changed their lives. If you can solve a huge problem a person has been struggling with for years, you have established that trust. They may have been on a journey of losing their gut their entire lives. When they came across your video series, you have solved their problem. Now, when you offer a product that cost $50-100, they'll trust you enough to buy your product or an affiliate product you're promoting. Let's say out of the 300 people on your mailing list, only 1% of them have purchased your product two days after your final video from your free video series. That's only three people. Let's say that it was a product that was priced at $100. That's $300 within the first week of your video series. Then something amazing may happen (don't expect this but if you create a big enough impact, this could happen)... you get ten more sales from people who are not part of your mailing list. The people who purchased your product have shared it on their social media timeline with their friends, family, and co-workers. and these people made a direct purchase without joining your mailing list. That's an extra $1,000 just from word of mouth! As your list grows so does the impact you have on more people's lives, which translates into more sales.

When you take your audience on a journey, you have to be a "tour guide" to show them how to achieve their goals with ease. For many years, they may have been trying to figure it out themselves or have gotten bad advice, which has gotten them nowhere. When they join your mailing list, you have to be a cut above the rest. You have to be compelling, you have to care, and you have to change their lives for the better for free. Even if all you're doing is entertaining them. When you have that strong impact on their lives, they may be asking you, "So when are you going to make a product? I got the money right now!"