Video Module #3--Creating A Blog That Builds A Huge Audience

In This Video, You're Gonna Learn How To Create A Blog That Grabs Your Visitor's Attention And Opt-In To Your Mailing Lists.  Watch The Video Below....

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Titles That Compel People To Read Your Posts +

Titles That Compel People To Read Your Posts-

When it comes to traffic generation, people don't think about how power a title has.  If you have a title that sounds generic, you'll get generic results.  If you have a blog post title that reads "Learn How To Make Money Online", your title will not get the clicks you want.  If you have a blog post title that reads, "Learn The Secrets To Making Over $250 A Day Online", you'll get people clicking at a higher rate.  Why?  Because it was specific and it was compelling.  When you say something generic like, "Make Money Online" you have to compete with other people with the same title.  The title at the top of the page gets the most clicks (if your post reached the search engines or listed on another site).  If you have a compelling title like, "Learn The Secrets To Making Over $250 A Day Online" you can get more clicks at the bottom of the page because it makes the visitor curious and want to see how is this possible.  This title really stands out.  If you are able to write compelling content, and have an opt-in form within the post, you may see your opt-in conversion rate increase as well.

So how do we create compelling titles and headlines?  You have to ask yourself, "What is the message I'm trying to convey here?"  When you know what you're trying to convey, you ask yourself another question, "How can I attract people who are looking for my message?"  Let's put this into action right now

Let's say you have a fitness blog.  The message you're trying to convey is losing fat and gaining muscle.  People are always interested in getting washboard abs, but fail to do so.  You know that in order to get washboard abs, you have to lose a certain amount of fat so those muscle can pop like never before.  Also, the last thing a lot of people get is washboard abs when they lose the fat, and people are going about it all wrong.  You now have your title... "7 Myth And Facts About Getting Washboard Abs".  For people who have been struggling for most of their lives (which is majority of the human population) trying to get washboard abs, will click because they want to know about these facts and myths. For people who workout with muscles that pop out everywhere else but their abs will definitely want to know because they may have struggle the most.  If you have an opt-in form telling people how to lose their gut and have sexy abs and a smaller waistline within that post, you'll see the opt-in rate soar drastically because now they're gonna get the answers they've been looking for after all these years of struggle.

Having a compelling title should not be a let down after reading the content.  You may have a compelling title, but your content is useless and irrelevant.  Some people think, "If I lure them in with a great title, they'll buy my product or opt-in to my mailing lists."  That is far from the truth.  Many people have been duped in the past from gimmicks and marketing tricks from products that make big promises but don't measure up once you take them out the box.  The image on the box or ad may look way more attractive than the actual product.  The marketers may make false claims, which can ruin their brand for future sales.  When you have a compelling title or headline, you want the content to be even more compelling.  You want your content to move them.  Move them to take action, no matter what that action is.  This can either be "Join my mailing list" or "Buy Now".  People need to be stimulated emotionally and intellectually because if you focus on emotional stimulation to get the person to take action, they may think about it and say, "I've been fooled by false claims before".  The person's intellect will start to kick in and not give your product or offer a chance, even if you have the best stuff on the web.  If you focus on intellectual stimulation, the person's heart may not be in it.  There is tons of information out there for people to quit smoking and how smoking shortens their life span.  The problem is, people are more emotionally attached to that feeling they get from smoking than the logical thing to do for their health and life expansion by quitting the habit of smoking.  If you stimulate them emotionally and intellectually, they'll think, "I'm not missing out on this opportunity" or "This makes perfect sense to take action as soon as possible.  Let me act right now!"

The best marketers know how to compel their audience to take action.  This can be an action for a free offer or a paid product.  In order to compel your audience to take action repeatedly, you have to repeatedly deliver or over-deliver on your claims you're putting out there.  Don't worry about the cynics who will rebuttal every claim you make.  Once people start succeeding with your offers and products, word of mouth will start to kick in and outmatch the negativity being sent your way.  Focus on high quality, and your audience will stay loyal to you for a really long time.

How To Write A Blog That People Frequently Read +

How To Write A Blog That People Frequently Read-

So you created this blog and want to get a tsunami of traffic sent your way from all corners of the Internet.  How can you make this happen?  Your blog has to be the place where people can either be entertained, informed, or both.  Your writing style is what grabs a certain type of audience, but one thing must remain... you have to give your visitor nothing but the best content you can think of.

If you have a how-to blog, make sure you give good details and paint a clear picture of what the visitor is suppose to do or what steps they should be taking.  If you have videos in your post of you going through the steps or a video done by someone else, related to the steps you're giving, this will paint that clear picture for them.  Give explanations on the when, the why, and the how.  People will see you as a good source when it comes to learning how to do something.

If you have an advise blog, you want your visitors to get the best advice without sounding too politically correct.  Warning: You may get a lot of hate by being seen as too controversial, so you have to be able to handle the criticism and trolling.  When you are able to handle the negativity and help change people's lives, they may want to ask you a question in the comment section.  This is a really good way to come up with fresh content because if enough people want to know something, and you have the answers, they'll keep coming back for more.

What about a news blog?  News is something that happens on a regular basis.  If you keep up with the latest trends or present news to your audience that isn't being shown anywhere else, your visitors will come to see what has been hidden from them.  Your news will be considered "exclusive".  Hidden information being uncovered keeps your reader's interest fully engaged.  If you do research and that research is factual, these people may ditch their mainstream news media coverage and get their news coverage from you.  Waring: This can be very exhausting if you don't have a team of investigators working for you.

What about a blog about you, the average person?  You may not think you're that interesting but there are a ton of Youtubers who have millions of subscribers on a channel that focuses on the Youtuber themselves.  There are a lot of people who think like you.  You will attract like-minded people or people who actually find you interesting.  It's like meeting a friend.  When you subscribe to the person's channel, it's like visiting a friend, seeing what happened to them or what advice they can give you.  A lot of these channels have random information, but don't we have random conversations with our friends and loved ones?  Your blog can follow this formula.  Your writing style can be more personal.  You don't have to be the most exciting person on the web in order for people to keep reading your blog post.  It's just like visiting a friend who thinks just like them.  Warning: Don't give away all your person information.  You can build a huge audience, which may have a few stalkers who feel like they know you, for real.

There are so many types of blogs and niches to choose from.  Whatever direction you want to go with your blog, you want to make sure that you are providing high quality content.  People who visit your blog on a regular basis are more likely to buy from you because they feel more connected to you compared to being a new visitor that may never land on that blog site again.  If your blog posts are being shared all over the web via email or social media, you'll see the traffic come in.  If your content is compelling enough, your blog post may go viral.  This is rare so don't feel bad if not one post (not even your best posts) isn't getting a million visitors.  If you ask every person who has had a video or blog post that went viral, it was a shock to them, and if it happens to you, it will be a shock to you too.