Video Module #4--Video Module #4—Turning Traffic Into Leads And Customers

In This Video, You're Gonna Learn How To Generate Traffic That Actually Converts Into Leads And Sales.  Watch The Video Below....

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Targeted Traffic--Giving People Exactly What They Want +

Targeted Traffic--Giving People Exactly What They Want-

Wanna know why it's hard to generate traffic that converts?  Because people use the shotgun method to generating traffic.  They shoot an ad or link out to anyone and everyone and hope for the best.  You may get people clicking your ads or link, but converting into a lead or sale won't happen on a large scale.  How many times have you clicked on something that intrigued you, but you didn't buy or opt into the mailing list on that site?  It's because it was interesting, but it didn't target you specifically.

When it comes to traffic generation, the more targeted, the better.  This cuts cost and time to get people joining your mailing list or buying your products.  How do you target people to get them to either opt into your mailing list or buy your product?  You don't target people, you target a problem and a solution.  Let me give you an example of targeting a problem.

  • Foods That Make It Almost Impossible To Lose Your Gut
  • 7 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Dates
  • The Real Reason Why You're Not Making Money Online With Your Blog

These are examples of targeting a problem.  There are people who have these specific problems and want answers.  If the answers lie in them joining your mailing list or buying your product, you'll see conversions go up.  If your mailing list or product are related to these problems, but not specifically the answer to these problems, you'll see a lower conversion rate.  An example would be...

Headline: Foods That Make It Almost Impossible To Lose Your Gut

Product Solution: How To Get Bigger Arms

Even though your product and the problem are in the realm of health and fitness, your product doesn't address the problem of getting rid of a big gut or alternative diets that help you get rid of your gut.  A better approach would be...

Headline: Foods That Make It Almost Impossible To Lose Your Gut

Product Solution: Get Rid Of Your Gut Without Starving Yourself Or Craving The Foods You Love

When it comes to dieting, people associate it with starving themselves or depriving themselves of foods that they enjoy.  It seems like you'll always be hungry or eat food that taste like cardboard.  If your product gives them a solution without them being deprive of food or deprived of flavor, they'll buy your product at a higher rate.

What about targeting a solution?  Some people think about the solution rather than the problem.  With these people, they want to know "how" to get rid of the problem they're having.  An example would be...

  • How To Generate $7,500 A Month Online
  • Get Rid Of Your Gut For Life
  • Learn How To Get More Dates With 9s and 10s

For targeting people for solutions, just mention the benefits of your product.  Let's look at an example...

Headline and Product Benefit: Learn How To Approach Beautiful Women Without Hesitation

Product Solution: How To Get More Dates With 9s and 10s

When it comes to targeting your traffic, study your product or mailing list.  Find out how it can benefit your potential leads and customers.  Then start creating content or ads that speak specifically about the problems that may exist, that your product or mailing list can solve specifically.  This can work with free traffic or paid traffic.  Don't generally target people, meaning don't just focus on people interested in a specific niche your product or mailing list is associated with.  Specifically target problems and solutions that your mailing list or product is specifically associated with.  The people who are in this category will start clicking and start converting.

Word Of Mouth--The Most Powerful Traffic Source +

Word Of Mouth--The Most Powerful Traffic Source-

So how do you get people sharing your links or referring your sites and products  to their friends and loved ones?  You have to be a life-changer.  When YouTube started out back in 2005, I never saw a commercial.  I never heard about it on the radio.  The way I found out about YouTube was through a friend who typed it into the address bar.  Once I watched videos on YouTube, I started showing other people videos from YouTube and they started using it.  This may have been everyone's experience with YouTube until it reached billions of users worldwide.  I'm not saying your product is gonna have billions of buyers, but you can get a tiny fraction of that many buyers and have a very lucrative online business.  So how will your product start getting the momentum caused by word of mouth?  Your product has to be extremely useful or it has to eliminate a problem.

Let's say you have a product that helps get rid of belly fat for life.  You could eat whatever you want, you don't have to exercise like a maniac, but when you do exercise, you enjoy every second of it.  You lose your belly fat and create habits that make it nearly impossible to go back to the way you were.  You'll have customers who are impressed and may have friends or family members who may have the same problem.  It will eliminate their problem and they'll refer it to their friends, and so on and so forth.

You want to educate your customer on the problem.  Like, "You have a big gut because..." or "The reason why this thing happens is because...".  You also want to educate them on why the solution works more easier than conventional methods.  If the conventional methods are like pulling teeth, but the methods you use are effortless, this will make the process so easy that you'll have a higher success rate.

You want your product to change lives.  Don't focus on making a quick buck.  If you put out a product that just makes money, you won't create that impact that you want that gets people talking and sharing.  When you change lives and create an impact, you'll have people telling their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  They'll be like your unofficial affiliate marketers who aren't getting a commission (unless your product is actually an affiliate product that they have an opportunity to cash in as well).  Creating an impact happens when you are motivated by solution rather than money.  Money is made when there is a problem that needs to be solved.  Imagine the impact that was made in the cell phone industry when the camera was added.  Now every phone comes standard with a camera.  Something else happened that changed the cell phone industry drastically... Internet access.  Now you can share information immediately.  Something can happen and be shared around the world within seconds of being uploaded.  Being that more people have smartphones all over the world, there is more content being shared in an second than the amount of TV shows since the invention of the television.

If you want the best traffic source in the world (word of mouth), you must focus on solving problems and creating an impact in people's lives.  When you solve a problem, people know people with that same problem.  Our nature is to put people on to something.  This is why social media is so popular and certain blog posts, memes, and videos go viral.  If you are one of the lucky ones to have a product that goes viral without using a commercial, ad, etc. you'll build your audience of buyers really quick and those people will just keep spreading the word if you can repeatedly change their lives.