Video Module #5-How To Generate $7,500 A Month Online

The Moment You've Been Waiting For... How To Generate $7,500 A Month Online.  Watch The Video Below....

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Conversions, Conversions, Conversions--Generating Over $7,500 A Month Almost Effortlessly +

Conversions, Conversions, Conversions--Generating Over $7,500 A Month Almost Effortlessly-

Let's do the math on how much would a person need to make in order to make $7,500 A Month.

$7,500 / 30 Days = $250 a day

So how can we make $250 a day?  It's not easy to wrap your mind around making $250 a day when you may be making that in a single week.  Let me ask you this.  Is it easier to make 10 sales a day off of a $25 product or 3 sales a day off of a $100 product?  Remember that the product you're creating will have added value, meaning that it may have double or triple value than what the product is actually priced at.  So if you're planning on selling a $100 product, it may have an actual value of $200 or more.  When you convey this to your potential buyers, they'll feel like it's a bargain.  Instead of saying, "That's too high", they may think, "That's a great price for a product with so many benefits".  If you don't have 10 people on your list per day feel this way, there may be 3 people who feel this way per day.  You'll generate less sales, but the money will come in, and you'll actually make over $250 a day ($291 to be exact).

As your list gets bigger and your conversions rate increases, those 3 sales can turn into 7 sales a day, making over $7,500 in under two weeks!  Focus on your conversions because you want every visitor, every lead, and every customer to be maximized.  When you have customers who buy high-priced products, these are people who have deep pockets.  If your stuff is top-notched (if you follow the principles in this video series, it will be), you'll get repeat sales from these buyers (remember what I said about the buyer's list).  If you accumulate 1,000 buyers in a year and 1% of those buyers joined your membership site that charges $50 a month, you'll see how much easier making $7,500 a month will be coming in with each passing year.

You may not get $7,500 a month your first time doing the things mentioned in  this video series.  You may exceed the expectations of this program by making 6 times what the video series says you could be making.  The more impact you have on your leads' and customers' lives you'll see how easier it gets to getting higher conversions.  My suggestion is keep referring back to the principles in this program.  Sometimes we either miss the point or ignore the advice.  Once we follow the advice fully, we start getting better results.  Create your high-priced product and start turning more leads into customers.  Conversions, conversions, conversions!

I wish you all the best on continuing your journey to generating $7,500 a month online and beyond.  Thank you for subscribing, and don't forget to stay tuned for my future emails.

Please Share This Video Series With Everyone--Read To Learn How +

Please Share This Video Series With Everyone-

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Anyway, I wish you the best, good luck, and stay tuned for my future emails!  Peace.