Selling Physical Products Vs. Selling Information Products

You may be wondering,

“Should I sell physical products or should I sell information products?”

The beauty of this day and age is you CAN sell physical products without having to physically have the products on hand.  That means you send the visitor to a site like Amazon and Amazon sends the product to the customer and you get a percentage of the sale.  The problem with this is you may only get a very small percent of the commission.  Depending on what department the product is in, depends on the commission percentage.  So the percentage range for Amazon is only 4%-8.5%.  If done right, you could make a lot of money with Amazon products.  There are people who make tens of thousands of dollars being an affiliate for Amazon.    With those percentages, you need a high volume of traffic to get a high volume of customers.

“What about information products?”

Information products are very portable as far as selling goes.  If you create an eBook, you can keep selling that eBook  without going out of stock.  The same thing goes with digital video series like video courses and such.  A problem you may have with digital products that you don’t really have with physical products is people may pirate your content.  What does this mean?  Let’s say you are selling an eBook for $20.  There may be a customer who thinks they’re doing people a favor, so he or she may give away your eBook that you are trying to sell.  Just like physical products there are people making tens of thousands of dollars selling information products.

What this tells you is you can make a lot of money with either a physical product or an information product.  The key to sales is how much enthusiasm you put behind the product.  It could be the best product in the world, but if you have doubts about selling the product for whatever reason (you don’t like the product, the price is too high, the price is too low, etc), you won’t get the sale.  Whatever you sell, you should find value in the product and it should actually have value behind it.  Always think about offering your customers the best products you can find or create.

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