Stop Wasting Time And Start Posting Already!

Stop wasting time trying to come up with the perfect time.  Come up with an idea, any idea, and think of more ideas.

Stop wasting time trying to come up with the perfect title.  Even posts with the best titles don’t get clicks and views.

Stop wasting time trying to come up with the perfect introduction.  Even the best introductions don’t interest certain people.

Stop wasting time trying be perfect with your posts.  Even posts with perfect grammar and spelling are not interesting to read.

Don’t worry if the post is too long or too short.  All that matters is what you want to communicate to your reader.

What you want to do is write that first post.  Re-read it and correct it to make it fit to what you want to communicate.  Hit the publish button and see what happens.  Sometimes our least favorite posts become our most popular posts by accident and our favorite posts get ignored and overlooked.

You don’t have to be perfect, but you want to improve along the way.  Today, you may not be as articulate as you will be tomorrow.  You may have a new experience and can have a point of view on certain topics.  Write it down.  Write it and let your emotions do the talking.  After you write it, let your brain put it together to make sense.  Sometimes we write what we feel, but once we read it, it doesn’t make sense.  Proofread so other people can understand what you are trying to say.

Don’t let analysis paralysis hold you back.  As a matter of fact, the more you do, the smarter you become.

Stop wasting time and start posting already!

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