The Doers Make Money, The Spectators Make Excuses

“The doers make money, the spectators make excuses”

I want you guys to remember this the next time you are taking action and you have a bunch of haters and non-believers trying to sway you away from building your online business.  In order to make money, you must be an action-taker.  Don’t listen to the people on the sidelines when you’re in the game, taking shots and getting down and dirty.  Yes, it’s frustrating to not see success right away, and this is why you MUST not listen to the spectators.  After a while, you may start to believe them.

If you want to get tips and advice, get it from people who are also in the game.  Get advice from the veterans who are making money.  Look for ways to succeed, not a reason to give up. When you keep going, you’ll see the goal.  Don’t get impatient, and don’t let the frustration take over.  As time goes by, you’ll see a momentum shift.  You’ll see people visiting your site and joining your mailing list.  You’ll see people buying your products.  At first it will be sporadic, then it will start to become consistent.  If your site really resonates with people, you’ll get people referring other people to your site.

Remember that you’re a doer.  Doers get beat up and rejected.  Doers also get the glory.  The big mouths on the sidelines?  They just get shut up once you prove them wrong.

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