The Frustrations Of An Online Business

When your site is not getting any traffic, when you’re not getting one red cent from your business, the frustration starts to build up, especially if you’re banking on that money to help you quit the job you hate.  This frustration is normal, but things get better when you keep going in the business.

Picture this:

You’re walking across a 6-mile bridge.  It’s foggy and you can’t see out in the distance.  Every step you take, it doesn’t seem like the bridge has another side to it.  You’ve been walking for a really long time.  At this point, you feel like going back, but you keep going.  Right now you’re at the halfway point of the bridge.  You know because there’s a sign on the side of the bridge that tells you.  You go another 3 miles.  After a while you get so fed up you’re about to turn back.  When you’re just about to turn back, the fog starts to clear and you are only a few yards away from reaching the other side.  This motivates you to keep going.  Yes, you’re tired.  Yes, your feet hurt.  Something inside you ignores all that and keeps going.  When you reach the other side, you celebrate by eating a big meal, feeling proud of yourself for continuing the path even though you almost gave up.

Your online business is like this but the only problem is you don’t know how far “the bridge” really is.  What a lot of people do with their online business is reach the halfway point and turn back.  They feel regret and then start the journey all over again.  This is why Internet marketing and blogging is so hard.  You don’t know the outcome, so you give up, try another method, or just get lazy with your content.  This is someone speaking from experience. If you give yourself one solid year of working on your blog, you can build a nice solid foundation of content.  This could be videos, blog posts, your podcast, etc.  After one year, you may get a tsunami of traffic coming to your site.  Why?  Because your content is showing up on social media.  One of your videos went viral.  One of your blog post is showing up on the first page of the search engines for a popular keyword.  Sometimes momentum builds up and everything just happens all at once.

Yes, it’s frustrating not seeing traffic coming to your blog or video channel, but did you work on your site continuously or did you quit and start all over again?  Did you reach the mid-point of that “bridge” and turn back?  Did you build a site, not see any results and tried to do something else?

Your online business success lies in the continuous work you put in.  It’s like building a skyscraper.   The project may take months or years to complete but when you stop and try to build another skyscraper because “it takes too long”, you just made it that much harder to get the results you want.

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