The Misconception Of Traffic Generation

All traffic is not created equally.  You have a lot of people who like to use the shotgun approach with their traffic, hoping to get lucky.  Then you have the more intelligent approach such as targeting your traffic.  Truth be told, even targeted traffic is not perfect.  Here’s a few reasons why:

You Have The Curious, Random Visitors

You may have a really good headline or title for your content. Being that your traffic is targeted, this visitor wants to see what you are talking about.  They may read a few lines or the whole post and never visit your site again or maybe once in a while.  This constitutes for about 85% of your traffic.

The Spammers And Scammers

There aren’t many of these guys but their reason for visiting your site is to leave a link to something that has nothing to do with your niche.  They may join your mailing list just to get an email they can start sending spam to.  Their method is the one mentioned earlier using the shotgun approach or “throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks”.


You  Have The Freebie-Seekers

When you have a free offer for joining your mailing list, all the freebie seeker wants is that free offer to learn as much as they can for free.  These people will do this to numerous email marketers and bloggers.  Their goal is to gain as much knowledge and make as much money for free.  They may stay on your list and try to get more free goodies or they may unsubscribe from your mailing list as soon as they get the free offer.  The freebie seekers constitute for about 10% of your visitors, but constitute about 90%+ of your mailing list.

Then You Have The Action-Takers And Customers

These are the unique and elite visitors of your site.  These are the people who want to succeed or gain as much access you can give them to your content.  They will get the free stuff but won’t mind paying for more access to get more goodies.  These make up a slim portion of your visitors (about 1-5% of your visitors) and your mailing list.  This is why you want to separate these people from the rest because they have to be treated a little different.  If you remember the post The Sales Funnel–Separating The Spectators From The Action-Takers, it talks about giving your “buyer’s list” the VIP treatment.  This doesn’t mean you give crappy products and information to the random visitor and freebie-seekers.  It means you reward the action takers for taking action.

Keep in mind that your goal is to try to convert the curious, random visitor into a regular visitor so they can join your mailing list and try out what you have to offer.  You want the freebie-seeker to get fed up and finally buy your product offers so they can get even more value that you have to offer.  And you want the action-takers to keep doing what they’re doing with more money to invest in whatever it is you are offering.  This is why it’s important you continue to create content that gets higher conversions.

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