The Reason Why Twitter Gives You Such Lousy Traffic

google85046730a91af0b8(1)Right now, you may be trying to use Twitter as a traffic source but not getting any good results.  In this post, you’re gonna learn exactly why Twitter is excellent for celebrities and entertainers, but for online marketers and bloggers, it’s a struggle to get one person to visit your site when you may have thousands of followers.  So without further ado… let’s get it!

You Learned That In Order To Get Followers, You Had To Follow First

Try this little experiment on Twitter.  Look for the biggest celebrities and socialites on Twitter.  Look at their follower count compared to the people they are following.  Here are a few examples down below.  As of August 20th, 2017:

Kim Kardashian: Followers 54.9M Following 110

Kevin Hart: Followers 34.6M Following 550

50 Cent: Followers 9.21M Following 10

You can keep doing this experiment on your own but these guys Twitter followers keep growing bigger and bigger without the need for following anyone back.  As a matter of fact, 50 Cent only follows 10 people and has millions of followers.  The good thing about following people to get followers is that it gives you a confidence boost to see that you have followers now.  The true test of how well your followers are really following you is when you start tweeting.  Are you getting likes?  Are you getting retweets?  Are you getting comments on your tweets?  Are you getting people sending you messages in your DM that isn’t spam?  Most of all, when you share a link, are you getting people visiting that link?  If the people you follow are only following you so you can continue following them, chances are they are using the same technique and they really don’t care about your tweets.  The “Follow You Follow Me” method is not as effective as you have been lead to believe.

Your Product Promotions Are Mimicking Spam

There’s a very thin line between product promotion and spamming.  Product promotion is usually an update on something good you have to offer your potential future customers or previous customers, while spamming is just “shotgunning and bombing” your link in hopes of getting people to buy your product.  The reason why people are successful getting sales on Twitter is because these people know how to promote products effectively.  They have a really good balance of when to promote and when to inform or entertain.  Yes, you want to get rich online, but for the most part, people go online to be entertained and informed.  The moment you understand that balance of informing, entertaining, and promoting, the more sales you’ll start to get from people on Twitter.  As a matter of fact, there will be times when people are looking forward to product updates via Twitter because these people are part of a core audience or have purchased a top-notch product from specific people they’re already following.  More than likely, you may not have established enough quality for people to want to buy from you.  Even if you are updating them, a lot of these people may see it as spam.  Wow them on Twitter, then it will be easier to get them away from Twitter by clicking your links.


There’s A Lot Of “Noise” On Twitter That You’re Not Being “Heard”

Some people are following tens of thousands of people on Twitter, so what does this mean to you?  Your tweets and links are getting buried under a bunch of other tweets.  Twitter is like one big room where everyone is trying to speak.  The problem with this is you’re voice is too low and now you have a bunch of people talking over you and your message is not heard.  The most successful Tweeters are the people who know how to use things that catch people’s attention, but may not necessarily be a link.  You have a lot of videos and memes that get a ton of people’s attention.  So this is what you’re competing with.  Another important thing to keep in mind is successful Tweeters tweet a lot.  If you look at the people who are very successful on Twitter, more than likely, they tweet a lot of interesting tweets with barely any links leaving Twitter.  So you’ll see a lot of memes, videos, random images, quotes, etc.  You may see current events and updates that may not link to their site or products at all.  So if your main concern is getting traffic to your site, your links will get overlooked big time!

Your Followers Are Not Targeted Enough

Let’s say you blog about make-up, but your followers are mostly gamers, Internet marketers, fitness gurus, etc.  The chances of someone visiting your site will be very slim.  The best traffic is targeted traffic.  So yes, this is another reason why the “Follow You, Follow Me” method is not that effective.  Your followers need to have a genuine interest in your niche and in you in order to visit your site.  So if you have a bunch of men following you and you’re talking about something niche-specific to women, you may have very little traffic to your site… unless you have a lot of videos or images of attractive women.  If you have a lot of female followers but your content is very male niche-specific, your traffic count will not be the highest from your followers.  Even with targeted traffic it’s a struggle so if you’re not getting followers who are more targeted to your niche, you will struggle more than ever.


With All That Being Said, Twitter Can Still Be A Good Traffic Source For You

Just because you weren’t properly taught how to get followers that convert into traffic and buyers on Twitter doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen.  All you need is a little retraining.  In the link below, you’ll learn in depth the best strategy to use to make Twitter one of your main free traffic sources in your arsenal.  If your traffic from Twitter is lousy, click the link below to learn how to change all that.

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