The Reason Why You Want To Keep Visitors On Your Site

There’s a very well-known blogger by the name of John Chow who says you want to always focus on getting a readership instead of putting up ads on your site in the beginning.  What a lot of people do is create content with the sole purpose of putting up ads without focusing on people staying on their site and continue reading or viewing their content.  When someone clicks an ad, they leave your site, which can mean you’ll never see that person again.  What you want to do is focus on building up your audience (readership), so that way they’ll keep coming back.  The way to do that is to keep them on your site as long as possible.

When your site is brand new, it should have one focal point… you creating an archive of content and building your audience.  Don’t put up any ads and don’t focus too much about marketing your products and affiliate offers.  So when your site is brand new, it may look a little plain, but plain is good.  It allows them to focus on what you want them to focus on.  So they only have your content, and your link to your opt-in page or your opt-in forms all over your site.  No matter where they look, it’s telling them to join your mailing list.  After staying on the site for some time, they’ll either subscribe to your email list or they’ll return another day to get more content.

When you’ve built your audience to a respectable number (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of subscribers/followers),  you’ll see the difference when people visit your site how much ad revenue you’ll receive and how many sales you’ll get.  Being that they’re always coming back to see what you have, you’ll increase the chances of them clicking other links on your site.  If they leave because they clicked an ad, you can always bring them back to your site with either a status update on social media or an email.

Don’t focus on the money, focus on the audience.  When you focus on the audience, the earning potential becomes limitless.

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