The Reason Why Your Sales Are Suffer With Tweet Marketing

When it comes to making money with Twitter, it’s not easy.  There are so many factors that go against you (a lot of them are mentioned in this post) that you’ll be surprised if people even get a chance to visit your site, let alone buy from your site.  Yes, people do make money on Twitter, but not the way you think.  The majority of the people on Twitter who use Tweet marketing use SPAM tactics, not effective marketing tactics.  It’s like throwing your links on a wall and seeing what sticks.

People Are In Socializing Mode On Twitter, Not A Buying Mode

Think of Twitter as one big room.  Now, in this room, you have a whole bunch of people talking.  Talking among themselves, talking to a small group of people, talking to whoever will listen.  Now, what if in this big room, you had a person who came by and tried to sell something to you.  While you were in the middle of a conversation or in the middle of talking to a group of people, someone came over and tried to sell you something.  The chances of you buying something may be slimmer than if you were looking for something to buy.  Does this mean you can’t make money on Twitter?  No, as a matter of fact, if done right, you could have a very good income by selling to people on Twitter.  There are people who create documentaries and get sales from people on Twitter.  There are people who have affiliate promotions that get a nice commission check due to the traffic generated from Twitter.  The difference is these people use Twitter marketing strategies that give them the best results, not spamming links and hoping for the best.

People On Twitter Could Care Less About You And Your Tweets

How did you get your followers?  Did you follow people so they can follow you back?  There’s a huge difference in how much traffic, leads, and sales you generate when people want to genuinely follow you compared to when people follow you because you followed them.  Do you know what these people do once you follow them?  They may SPAM their affiliate link to you if they’re affiliate marketers or they may do nothing but enjoy the fact that they’re getting more followers.  The true test of your Twitter followers is when you post a link.  If they don’t visit that link, chances are they don’t care about your tweets or that specific tweet didn’t intrigue them.  To get the best results, you have to attract people who care about your tweets and what you’re trying to promote.  It’s when you start doing this that you’ll start seeing the results you want.

People Want Conversations, Entertainment, and Enlightenment… Not A Sales Pitch

When people go on Twitter, they scroll through their Twitter feed to see if they find anything interesting from the people they follow.  If they see something that catches their attention, they’ll engage with that tweet.  They may leave a comment, like the tweet, retweet, or click a link pointing to a specific site.  When you come off as a salesperson on Twitter, people will tend to tune you out.  When you start using Twitter the way people normally use Twitter, you’ll notice people giving you the kind of attention you want.  What does this mean?

Let’s say you saw a Tweet of something funny.  You decide to leave a clever comment.  Other people see this particular comment and may leave a like or may retweet, or may comment on what you’ve just said. 

It’s not easy getting people to buy on Twitter, but it’s much easier to get people to like, retweet, and leave comments on what you tweet about.  Once you start using Twitter like a person, even if you have something you want to sell, you’ll notice people start paying attention to your tweets and start following you a lot quicker.

On Twitter, People Buy From People They Really Like Or Find Value In What They Are Selling

The people with the most sales on Twitter are the people who have a genuine audience.  The method of following people so they can follow you is not a genuine audience.  It’s an mutual agreement.  Just because you have a mutual agreement doesn’t always mean you like the person and what they’re about.  If you want to get sales on Twitter consistently, you have to build a genuine audience.  If you got sales without a genuine audience on Twitter, that was an accident.  You don’t want to get sales by accident.  You want to control the tempo, the pace, and the flow of sales.  If you look at the people with the most sales on Twitter, you’ll notice that they have more followers than people they actually follow.  These people followed them organically.  They followed them because they like what they’re about.  If you have 1,000 followers and you’re following those same 1,000 people, chances are you don’t have a genuine audience.  Remember that musicians, actors, and entertainers have a huge following, have a very low count of people they actually follow, and they may generate a lot of sales from their followers.

So How Can You Make Money On Twitter?

It’s very important that you unlearn a lot of the BS you’ve learned from free eBooks telling you to follow people so they can follow you back to build your Twitter following.  A true Twitter following that can generate the sales you want may take time and patience, but the people who do follow you, you’ll notice that they’re giving you the traffic you want, they care about your tweet updates, and when it comes to your product promotions, they’ll trust you a lot more and click your links and may actually buy at a much higher rate!

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Learn How To Build A Genuine Twitter Audience