The Reason Why Your Website Should Have One Mission

What is your mission?  Why do you want to start an online business?  Every business has a mission and so should you.  The mission of this site is to help you build a huge audience that’s going to convert into customers and help you make at least $7,500 a month so you can finally quit your job.  When you have a mission, you need to drill it into the visitor’s head so they can take action so you can fulfill your mission.

Your mission should be about the person visiting your site, not about you.  You set goals for yourself and your site, but the mission is about the other person.  If you want to make $7,500 a month, for example, you need to give your site visitors the best experience.  You need to inform them or entertain them and change their lives.  You need to do this for free.  When you can give them a ton of value for free, you’ll exceed your expectations.  Let’s do some math.

Let’s say you have a goal of selling a $100 product to 75 customers.  You estimate that only 1% of your audience is going to convert into customers, so you guess all you need is about 7,500 people to join your mailing list and get these results.  Well, if you have top-notch content and have changed people’s lives on a grand scale, your conversion rate goes up.  You get more people joining your mailing list.  So let’s say instead of getting 7,500 people on your mailing list, you get 30,000 people on your list.  Instead of 1% of your list converting into customers, you get a 4% conversion rate.  Here’s how your sales will look

30,000 email subscribers X 4% = 1,200 customers

1,200 customers X $100 product = $120,000 gross profit

A lot of people who start out with an online business quit when all they think about is money.  When you have a mission of helping as many people as possible, if it’s  informing or entertaining, you’re going to exceed your expectations because you’ll exceed the expectations of the people you’re helping.

As an exercise, sit down and think about your mission for your site.  Once you have a mission, post it on every page you can to let your visitors, subscribers/followers, and customers know that you are there to serve them and give them nothing but the best.

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