The Sales Funnel–Separating The Spectators From The Action-Takers

As you already know, everyone on your mailing list is not going to buy your product offers.  When you can separate your freebie-seekers from your buyers, you know who’s going to make you money, and who’s going to try to do the most with your free content.  The sales funnel separates your mailing lists from the freebie-seekers, the low-priced product buyers, the subscription buyers, and the high-ticket product buyers.

Introducing The Autoresponder–An Online Business’s Best Friend

There’s a really important tool you MUST have for your online business and that’s an email autoresponder.  What this does is allow you to capture people’s email address so you can automatically send out emails to people on a list.  You can set up email campaigns that handle each list differently.  You can broadcast emails where you write one email and it is sent to your whole list or a segment of your list, or multiple lists.  You can write a bunch of emails and have them sent out at specific times of the day or specific days.  If you have content RSS feeds, you can have your autoresponder send out your latest blog post to your mailing list.  If you don’t have an autoresponder, I highly recommend using one called Aweber.  It unsubscribes a person off of your list, once they subscribe to another list automatically.  This is how you are going to be able to separate the buyers from the freebie-seekers.

Once You Have Separated The Buyers From The Freebie-Seekers, Give The Buyers The VIP Treatment

Once people buy from you, you want them to know that you’re going to give them the best experience your business can offer.  Let the buyers get the best sales offers.  Have a free giveaway of a high priced item like smartphone, an iPad, or even a car.  The more your customers buy from you, the more rewards you can give.  If you do stuff like this for your list of buyers, word will get around and more people may want to buy from you.

You Can Still Monetize Your Freebie-Seekers

Just because they are trying to get stuff for free doesn’t mean you can’t make money with your freebie-seekers.  Freebie-seekers love devouring content, so if you run ads on your site, you get a bunch of readers going to your blog or video channel, making money for you though page views and ad clicks.  Freebie-seekers love sharing content that has changed their lives so if you have made an impact on the freebie-seeker with your free content, you may get a bunch of shares and word of mouth advertising, giving you even more visitors back to your site, which can convert into more email subscribers and potential customers.

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