Trust Building–The Thing Between You And The Sale

There’s something between you and the sale… trust.  People are very skeptical about opening their wallets unless they have to.  If you are just coming in, expecting people to give you money because you have “a hot, new product”, people already been there, heard that, and been let down when they done that.  In order for you to get sales, you have to give away results for free.  For example, if you’re in the “make money” niche, you’ll have to get the people who follow you and subscribe to your content to make their first sale.  It’s not easy getting sales, but when you can deliver to your audience without getting one red cent, you’ll be able to get money before you even present them a product.

“What do you mean ‘get money before you even present them a product’?”

There are people who will ask you when is your next product coming out and willing to pay you before you even have an idea for it.  This is a trust level not many people reach, but when you do reach it, you’ll notice how much more easier it is to make sales.  When you don’t take their money unless you can deliver on something you promised them, you gain even more trust because you always deliver and exceed their expectations.

In the last post, The Reason Why Your Subscribers And Followers Are Not Buying, it explains why you have to be different from the rest of the people doing the same thing you’re doing.  Don’t tell people you’re going to do something without doing it.  A good tip is to tell them you’re going to come out with something for them, but already have it ready to go.  When you deliver on time and it satisfies their needs, you’ll gain instant trust.

Once you build trust, never take advantage of the people who you’ve built trust with.  When people don’t trust you that’s one thing, but once they trust you, bought from you, and you let them down, they’ll feel hurt and betrayed.  It will be an uphill battle trying to get back their trust.

Build a genuine twitter audience that follows you because they like you… not so you can follow back.  Wanna know how?

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