What Can You Use As A Free Traffic Generator?

“Free Traffic Generator!  Get a million views a day going to your website on autopilot.  All you need to do is pay me $300 for my super free traffic generator and get started today.”


The quote up above does two things:

  1. If someone saw that, it would get people to click like crazy.
  2. It’s something that a person selling a traffic product would say to get you to buy a traffic generation product.

The way to create a free traffic generator is to create a something that gets people clicking like crazy.  No one really stresses the importance of conversions. Conversions are just as important as traffic and should be stressed the most.

What if you were to buy a free traffic generator for $300 and it does send you a million views to your site.  What if those were bots visiting your site?   What if they were not targeted visitors, so no one was joining your mailing list or buying your products.  Always focus on conversions.

Why conversions and not traffic?  When you focus on traffic, you will do some spamming to try to get the most people visiting your site.  When you focus on conversions, you know that the traffic count may be low, but the traffic will count.  In other words, you may be getting 30 people visiting your site per day, but you are noticing you’re getting a lot of engagement on your site.  You may be getting a lot of your posts being read, which means they’re staying on your site longer.  You may notice daily opt-ins to your mailing list, even if it is only one person per day.

After a while something amazing will happen.  You’ll notice more and more people are visiting your site.  More and more people are joining your mailing list per day.  You may notice you’re starting to get customers.  Why?  Because you focused on converting the right people rather than just getting a bunch of people visiting your site.

So what free traffic generator can you use?  Don’t look for a push-button system.

Want people to view your posts?  Learn how to create eye-popping titles and put them in the view of targeted people.  You could be right on the first page of the search engines, but if you have a crappy title, your traffic will suffer.  If you’re on the first page of the search engines for a post that has nothing to do with what they’re looking for, your traffic will suffer.  This is only part of the equation.  You want to get people taking the actions you want them to take.

When you get those clicks, focus on wowing the visitor.  When you have really good content, people tend to read another post or watch another video.  You may have the best content they’ve ever read, but you need something else to complete the equation.

A strong call-to-action

Without a call-to-action for them to take, they may not do what you want them to do.  They may just keep enjoying the site without joining your mailing list.  They may just keep enjoying your content without following you on social media.  They may visit everyday to read a post or watch a video without buying a product.

The best way to get people to do what you want them to do, is to tell them what you want them to do.  When you can convince people to take action, that’s when you know that you had the best free traffic generator all along… your content!

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