What To Do When You Get Content Burnout

There will come a point where you’ll wake up and you don’t have the will to post content.  Most of the time when people get burned out from posting content, they take off one day, then two days, before they know it, they stop posting content for months.  Here’s a really good way to prevent this from happening.  Are you ready?

Create shorter posts.

Remember that the word count doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is the value for the reader.

You may feel this way for a few days.  Just keep posting shorter content.  You want to get in the habit of creating daily content to increase the posts count.  Just because they’re short doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be crap posts.  You may have Youtube videos that you can post on your blog.  You may give them one tip and that’s it.

Why not take a break?

Well, just like working out, you don’t want to slack off.  Some days when you  workout, you don’t feel it, and you may have a bad workout session.  Then there will be days that you break your personal record.  So with your blogging, there will be days where you only have a 100-word post.  Then there will be times where you’ll have 2000-word posts.  The thing that matters is continuous posting.  The more content you push out, the longer people stay on your site.  Just like some of your favorite YouTubers have videos that may be an hour or two long, they’ll also have videos that are only one minute long.

You want to post content when you feel good and you want to post content when you’re not feeling too good.  When you do this, you’ll form a solid habit of creating content.  This is the habit that will get you the traffic you need in the long run.


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