What Would Happen If You Worked On Your Site Consistently For One Full Year?

Did you know that there are millions if not billions of blogs on the Internet?  Out of all these blogs, very few succeed because most bloggers don’t post consistent content.  I was one of those bloggers.  I posted content, didn’t see the results I wanted then I stopped.  Then one day I asked myself,

“What would happen if I posted content for one year straight?”

Not one post per week.  Not one post per day.  I’m talking multiple posts a day.  About 2-3 posts a day, but if I can’t get that many out, post at least one post for that day.  Some people may think that’s too many posts to  read, but if you think about it, isn’t that a good thing?  Imagine going to a site where you can get so much helpful information that you can’t keep up with it.  You do, it’s called Google.  It’s called YouTube.  These sites have whatever you want to know, they are 90% likely to have an answer for it.  I’m not trying to reach that level, but when people visit my site, I want them to have something to read and always discovering something new on my site.

Here’s my challenge to you:

1. Create your lists of titles so you’ll always have something to write.

2. Post 1-2 posts a day for one full year.  You can do more, but you want the bare minimum to be one post per day.

3. Don’t worry about traffic, don’t worry about money, focus on top-notch content that your visitors will enjoy when they land on your site.

This is what’s going to happen:

You’re going to post consistently and not see much traffic.  Not see any sales.  Not see one person join your mailing list.  In about 3 months, you may see traffic come in around 10-20 people per day.  You may get a few people joining your mailing list.  By the end of the year, you may have about 500-700 blog posts.  Your visitors may return on a regular basis because you have so much great content that they binge-read your posts.  You’re going to see people join your mailing list.  You may even get some sales over the course of that year.

Focus on what you can control.  Don’t SPAM your blog, but share it with people who may enjoy your content.  Don’t worry about the first 6 months of posting.  When the success comes, it may come like a tidal wave.  You may exceed your expectations.  Why?  Because your blog posts are starting to reach people who enjoy your content and they keep coming back.  They may be sharing your posts via social media.  They may bookmark your site.  so whenever you see that there is no referrer for your traffic, chances are they typed your domain name in the address bar.

Take the challenge and see what happens…


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