Why Your “Crappy” Content May Be Some Of Your Best Content

“Crappy Content” is relative.

You could have the best camera in the world, but your videos may have a very low view count.  You could use your camera phone to post a video of a fight and it goes viral.  Why?

You could have a step-by-step video on how to generate $10,000 a day and it only gets a few views a month, on the other hand, you could have a video of a fat guy with his shirt off shaking his “man boobs” and it goes viral.  Why?

You could have the best workouts, the best nutrition plan, and give it all away in a blog post.  It gets no traffic and no shares.  On the other hand, you have a bunch of memes that will give you a good laugh and it gets shared all over the web.  Why?

When it comes to creating content, low-brow content is very popular.  It will have some people laugh, some people talk about how stupid something is, and you will have some people who clicked it because they’re curious.  The life-changing content is a little different.  You need to build an audience because this type of content doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Yes, a lot of people want to have the sexiest body they can, but it requires work.  Yes, people want to make money without working at a job, but it requires a ton of work.  People are attracted to mindless humor if they’re old, young, intelligent, mentally disabled, etc.  We are all guilty of indulging in mindless humor.  Why?  It’s kind of an escape from your struggles in life.  When you have the bills piling up and about to be evicted from your apartment, the right thing to do is to learn how to make money, right?  Well, for a lot of us, that’s just another struggle because you have to learn a bunch of stuff, test it out, fail, and keep trying until you make money.  What most of us do is escape the struggle and just turn to something or indulge in something that will give us a good laugh.

If you have a video with a camera phone that you made on the fly, it may get more views than a video you created that took you hours to create.  Does this mean you stick to low-quality content?  No, you create content to build an audience.  So if your audience likes the low-quality content you put out, that may just mean you need to see what you did that made that piece of content so popular compared to something that you put more effort into.

Don’t let view counts and popularity dictate what you put out.  Focus on quality work that will help your audience.  People will indulge in low-brow content, but they also want to expand their mind and bring their lives to another level.  This is why authors like Tony Robbins, Tariq Nasheed, and Robert Kiyosaki have best-selling books because there is an audience for people who want to change their lives.  If you want to change lives, you can get more than video views, you can make a lot of money with a smaller audience.  You can build an audience with fewer visitors and views.  The people who want to change their lives are ready to take action, and this is why you need to give them the best content you can.  If you offer amazing products, they may keep buying from you.

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