You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Or Language Major To Write A Blog

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you may have a few things that’s going through your head telling you it won’t work.

“I’m not an expert on anything.  Who will listen to me?”

“I don’t know how to write.  I’m not an English major or I am not fluent in foreign languages.”

When people read blogs, they are trying to learn something.  If you write the way you speak, you may get the best results.  Why?  Because people love talking to people.  That’s why people love social media and videos.  The way people send messages and text each other is as if the person is talking to them in person.  There are grammar imperfections, misspellings, etc.  You want your content to make sense and to be error-proof, but you don’t need to sound like you graduated from an Ivy League school.  If you sound robotic and like a textbook, people may find your content boring.  The more fun and personality you can put into your words, the more likely people will feel like they can relate to you.

As far as being an expert goes, everyone is an expert, but no one is really an expert.


You may know a lot about something, but what you are telling people may be debunked by someone else.  It’s like someone saying if you eat cake and ice cream all day you’re going to get fat.  Well, studies have shown that it’s not necessarily the food that makes you fat, it’s the amount of calories that makes you fat.  Think about it, cows and elephants weight a lot, but they eat mostly vegetation.  These animals eat a high amount of food that if you counted the calories, it would be really high.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You may know just one thing really well and you can write about it.  You may know something slightly and you can write a lot about the part you do know.  For the rest, you can learn more about it and write about it.  Society has gotten smarter over the years because we share more information than ever before.  You have to be careful with some information.  Some people create content for shock value, and it may be a boldface lie.  Be honest about your content, even if you’re doing it for shock value.

If you can break complicated things down that even a toddler can understand it, you have the ability to reach a wider demographic.  The longer you create content, you’ll realize that some of the people in your audience have been following your work since they were children all the way into adulthood.

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