You Have To Enjoy The Internet Marketing Process

The frustration of not making one red cent, getting one actual email subscriber, or getting one visit to your site. Internet marketing is not for the feint of heart. If you go in it for the money, you will quit immediately. If you’re trying to make money online with your blog, your video channel, your articles, or even your social media profile, you have to enjoy the process and understand how each method works. The people who make the most money understand one important factor when it comes to Internet Marketing. It’s not about the money, it’s about attracting the right people for what you have to offer. If you’re using free methods or paid methods, you want to make sure you’re capitalizing the most from your resources. Free methods take up a lot of your time, and paid methods cost a lot of money. Each method has it’s pros and cons, but whatever method you choose, you want to make sure you’re learning a lot so you can make the most of that particular method.

So what exactly is the Internet Marketing Process? We’ll use an oversimplified process. You want to generally do this:

1. Generate traffic to a specific site.
2. Inform or entertain that visitor.
3. Get that visitor to either either buy something or subscribe to your site or mailing list

Traffic generation is useless if the people don’t care about your content or product. When the person is on your site and they don’t take the actions that you want, it starts to eat away at your resources. So you need to learn how to attract the right people to your site. This is called targeting your traffic. The more targeted your traffic, the more likely you’ll get people to take the action you want them to take. But even that is not enough.

When you use targeted traffic, you want to speak to a specific group of people. You want to narrow things down to a small group. This small group takes action a lot faster than trying to speak to a bigger group.

What does that mean? If you’re in the Internet marketing niche, instead of targeting Internet marketers why not target Internet marketers who want to generate free traffic? Why not target Internet marketers who want to get traffic from social media? Why not target Internet marketers who want to generate traffic using mailing lists? When you narrow down your traffic to a specific niche, you’ll notice that more people are starting to take action instead of just visit the site and leave.

You need to hook your potential visitors in with interesting titles. You want to tell people exactly what you can do for them in the title. Once you get them on your site, deliver your promise. Either with a post, a free product once they join your mailing list, or a product that has the answer they’re looking for.

Let’s do an example of what this means:

Title: Learn How To Make Money Online.

This title is too generic and will easily get ignored. You need to be more specific on what you can do for your visitor.

Title: Learn How To Generate Free Traffic That Will Convert Into $500 A Day

When you tell people what you expect to do for them, they’ll stop and check out what you have to offer. Once you have the power to get more eyes on your content, you have to get them to take action. This is where good marketing comes into play. Marketing is not always done within the first encounter of your site.

Have you ever saw an ad on TV or the Internet and haven’t taken action until one day you decided to give something a try? This may have been a few days, a few months, or even a few years. Your goal as a marketer is to decrease the time it takes for them to take action. You have to sweeten the deal for your potential customer or email subscriber.

The best customer is a desperate customer. The customer who is on the brink of giving up. When you provide a solution that gets results, instead of shove a product in their face to put money in your pockets, people will continually buy from you.

So if someone is having trouble trying to make money online, you want to tell them first why they’re struggling to make money online. If it sounds like something they do or something that happens to them, you’ll hook them in a little. This is called connecting with your potential customer. Then you want to give them a taste of what to expect if they buy your product. This can be a demonstration or it can be an explanation.

Once you connect with them and inform them on the solution you are going to provide, you’ll see they’re more likely willing to buy your product a lot quicker than if you just tell them to buy your product using a sleazy sales pitch.

The Internet marketing process is a tough process but when you use simple, effective marketing tactics, you’ll see that a lot of your traffic is turning into subscribers or sales conversions.

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