Your First Sale Is Your Most Important Sale

The newbie business owner, either online or offline, is always chasing the dollar.  You always want to focus on building an audience so the money will follow.  If you do focus on the any type of money, focus on getting your first sale, not getting rich.  Why?  In order to answer that, we need to put some things into perspective.

Let’s say you are just starting out with your online business.  You have aspirations of buying fast cars and living the life of luxury like the person who sold you on the idea of doing Internet Marketing.  Anyway, you work on your site feverishly.  You create a lot of content on a daily basis.  You get people into yours sales funnel.  You promote a product, either your own or an affiliate product.  Months go by and you make not one sale.  You get frustrated but you keep pushing on.  One day, you check your email.  You see an email from Paypal.  In the subject line it reads,

“You have just received a sale from….”

You open the email.  It was that $10 eBook you were promoting to your sales funnel.  You have 10 people on your mailing list, and out of those ten people, one person bought your eBook.  That’s a 10% conversion rate.  Not bad for a newbie!

With this first sale, it might as well have been a million dollars because you have so much happiness and joy rushing through your body.  In your mind, you now know it’s possible to actually make money online.  It’s not a scam like everyone has been telling you.  Now what you want to do is keep getting those results again and again.  You keep working, and you start seeing those sales increase as the number of your audience increases.  You give your audience the best so those conversion rates can stay nice and high.

The first sale is the most important because it’s the one that lets you know that this Internet Marketing and Online business thing actually works.  It’s the thing that keeps you motivated and keeping you from giving up.

If you could do it once, you could do it again.

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